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Born in Toulouse 1888 Died in Paris 1971

Direct Carving in Setting Concrete

"Direct Carving In Setting Concrete Without a Maquette"
Extract from an article by C Sarrabezolles, 1933

"The parish [of the Church of Villemomble] was not rich: how with such small funds could one make such a sculptural work? It was then that I decided to use concrete which was not yet fully set, but even so was still hard, in which I had just a few hours time to do the sculpture."

Carlo Sarrabezolles, sculptor of concrete 
Extracts from an article by J de la Ruwière in 'Clarté' 1932

This time, Sarrabezolles has found a sculptural approach which amazes and which instantly recalls the recalls the fresco painters of past times, for Sarrbezolles carves into fresh concrete.

For some years sculptors have been working with cement, using maquettes and moulds. Nothing of the sort here, we are talking about carving cement. Just as the fresco painter paints the wet coating before it drives, Sarrabezolles carves into the fresh concrete which he allows to set in frames for ten hours [je ne sais pas si j'ai bien traduit cette ligne], and which hardens as it dries. It is difficult work because it means the artist must work with extraordinary speed and skill, and since the cement hardens in several hours he has to work without stopping. (…)

What is clearly prodigious and disconcerting is that all the figures have been executed in stages of 2.5 metres, starting from the bottom, without a maquette! That is to say, that, installed on his scaffolding, without being able to view it from a distance, and without preparatory drawings, he carves the base of each of his figures, going round the bell-tower, and it is only after about eight days that he finishes the first stage of this work, and can get to work on the busts and finally the heads.

I insist on this fact: he is not simply working on a statue, rather he is working on an ensemble. He has to move from Romanesque drapery to a decorative shield, to a monk's robe, then on to a rich old chasuble; he passes without stopping from the serenity of a Saint Benoit, to the ecstasy of a Saint Thomas of Aquinas to the wisdom of a Saint Augustine.

1926 Villemomble

(Seine St Denis)


Inventory of sculptures 
carved directly in Setting Concrete


1926 Villemomble

(Seine St Denis)

- Bell Tower with 20 statues (each 7m tall).
 Directly carved in setting concrete: invention and first use of this new technique. Architect P. Tournon. Classified as an Historic Monument 22/10/96

1928 Elisabethville
(Par Aubergenville - Yvelines)

- Elisabethville, near Aubergenville. 
Church of Elisabethville (Yvelines): 35 statues, executed in 6 weeks. Architect P. Tournon. Listed "Monuments Historiques"  25/7/1977

Movie INA


1928/34 Paris

(Avenue Daumesnil)

- Church of Saint Esprit 
8 statues (height 4m). Architect P.Tournon. Listed "Monuments Historiques"  17/6/1979. (Continued in 1934 and 1962)

1929 Ailly-le-Haut-Clocher

- Church – Station of the Cross      14 bas-reliefs (h. 0m70)

1929 Aubergenville

- Monument in memory of Henri Goffin  Cemetery       

1929 Lille

- Lille. Belfry of Hôtel de Ville. 
2 legendary figures, executed in 17 days (height 5m). Architect E. Dubuisson.

1931 Paris VI°

- 'To the Glory of the Seine' 
on front of the building wich faces onto the Pont Neuf. Relief sculpture, 4.5m tall, 5m long.


1931 Coulonges S/ l'Autize

Calvary (height 7m)


1932 Alfortville
(Val de Marne)

- Church of St Pierre. Steeple. Statue 14m tall, demolished in 1980.
Architect P. Tournon.


1933 Hyères

- Virgin, figure in the round (height 5m). 
Hélio-Martin building. 
Architect R.Tournier.

1933 Epinay-sur-Seine
(Seine -Saint-Denis)

- Church of the missions. 4 statues (height 7m). Architect P. Tournon. 
Classified "Monument Historique" 14/6/94

1934 - Nice

- Church of St Joan of Arc. 2 groups in the interior (height 4 to 5m). 
Architect J. Droz. 
Classified "Monument Historique" 6/12/92

1935 - Marseille
(Quartier Saint-Louis - Bouches- du-Rhône))

- Church of St Louis. Christ (height 6.5m), steeple (height 7m), 
friezes (height 3m). 
Architect L. Sourdeau. 
Listed "Monument Historique"14/12/89

1947 Ancretieville - St. Victor
(near Yerville - Seine Maritime)

- Notre Dame de France - figure in the round,        (height 4m)

1952 - Saint-Girons
-Monument à la Gloire d'Aristide Bergès             (h : 7 m).