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Born in Toulouse 1888 Died in Paris 1971




Actualités - Agenda

21 juin 2008
18 janvier 2010


Traveling Exhibition
"Carlo Sarrabezolles - sketch of the colossal"
initiated in Roubaix, continued in Reims, Paris, Mont-de-Marsan and ended in Chambery
Catalogue of the Exhibition
Gourcuff Gradenigo-Ed 2008
Preface: Bruno Foucart - Texts: Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, Bruno GaudichonDavid Liot, Paul-Louis Rinuy
192 pages, color illustrations, 29 x 25cm, hardcover.
Price: 30 Euros + shipping
Museum Store and on request to the Association of Friends of Sculptor Carlo Sarrabezolles
15 octobre 2009                   
18 janvier 2010
Musée savoisien                                                                               Square de Lannoy de Bissy                                                             73000 Chambéry                                                                                       tél : 04 79 33 44 48

 Exhibition Carlo Sarrabezolles
de l'Esquisse au Colossal


26 juin 2009                           20 septembre 2009


MONT DE MARSAN                                                                            Musée Despiau-Wlérick

 Exhibition Carlo Sarrabezolles
de l'Esquisse au Colossal

free entrance

The museum :
Place Marguerite de Navarre,                                                            Ouvert tous les jours sauf mardi et fériés,10h-12h et 14h-18h   (10h-18h le jeudi)
Tél. :


10 février²2009   
30 Mai 2009

15 Square de Vergennes 75015 Paris
Accès au 279, Rue de Vaugirard
Parking Mairie 15e
Tous les jours de 12 h à 19 h sauf dimanche, lundi et jours fériés.

Exhibition Carlo Sarrabezolles
de l'Esquisse au Colossal

This third stage of a remarkable traveling exhibition is showing at 15 Square de Vergennes, in Paris, 15th arrondisement, just a short walk from the artist’s old studio at no.16 Rue des Volontaires. Carlo Sarrabezolles counts among the greatest monumental sculptors of his time. Associated with many leading architects, he produces numerous great sculpted projects in France and abroad. The exhibition is staged in the studio of the master glassworker Louis Barillet, constructed in 1932 by the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens – another great figure in the use of cement in construction and ornamentation of buildings


17 octobre 2008                   
25 janvier 2009
Musée des Beaux-Arts
8, rue Chanzy
Tel : 03 26 35 36 00

Exhibition Carlo Sarrabezolles
de l'Esquisse au Colossal

In Reims, Carlo Sarrabezolles is known for the decoration of the Town Hall, which he made in collaboration with his friend Roger Expert, and the exhibition focuses on this collaboration which also extended to the décor of the Normandie ocean liner and the French Embassy in Belgrade.

The exhibition throws light on the era of Art Deco and the Art of the 1930s, which are so important in the city of Reims. It focuses above all on the artist's creative mark, his different studies and also on his invention of the technique of carving directly in concrete.


21 june 2008
20 september 2008

ROUBAIX La Piscine - Musée d'Art et d'Industrie André Diligent 
23 rue de l'Espérance - tel : 03 20 69 23 60 Exhibition Carlo SARRABEZOLLES - " Le Génie de la Mer " (“The Genius of the Sea”)

‘La Piscine’ Musée d'Art et d'Industrie André Diligent – a museum built within a magnificent swimming pool in Roubaix – sees the opening of a traveling exhibition, lasting two years, which charts Sarrabezolles’ whole career. The exhibition will develop, according to a different theme at each venue, in museums in REIMS, PARIS, MONT-de-MARSAN, CHAMBÉRY.

At ‘La Piscine’, The Genius of the Sea, conceived by the artist for the rear deck of the “Normandie” liner, will be the object of special focus, highlighting the monumental plaster head which has been part of the display at La Piscine since 2001.



 14 Octobre 2006
 11 Février 2007
Exhibition at  Musée des Beaux-Arts

“Crazy years, Years of Order”
Art Deco from Reims to New York. Fifteen sculptures by Sarrabezolles who had, in 1928, decorated the interior of the Town Hall, constructed by R.H. Expert.

Fifteen sculptures by Sarrabezolles.                                                   

28 february 2006
31 march 2006

Exhibition at Galerie MARTEL-GREINER (Paris)
71, boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris
phone : 00 33 (0)1 45 48 13 05



28 June 2004

Inauguration of the statue "L'Espérance" (the Hope)offered to the city of Paris by the SNECMA.
Square Carlo Sarrabezolles, 75015 Paris 
(Pont du Garigliano).





From left to right: Geneviève Appert-Sarrabezolles, fille du sculpteur; Anne Hidalgo, 1ère Adjointe au Maire de Paris; Jeanne Chabot, 1ère Adjointe au Maire du XV°; Jean-Paul Bechat, Président Directeur Général de SNECMA.

6 June -
31 July 2003

Mixed sculpture exhibition at Galerie Eric Baudet, 121 Avenue Foch, Le Havre

7 may 2003

Publication of new edition of Carlo Sarrabezolles book.

14 december 2002

Conference at Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyon, by Geneviève Sarrabezolles-Appert

november 2002

1931 "La gloire de la Seine"
Pont Neuf - Paris

Publication of the book 
"Carlo Sarrabezolles, sculptor and statue maker"
(Carlo Sarrabezolles, sculpteur et statuaire).

Catalogue of his work, index, biography, 192 pages, 240 illustrations, 28 x 25cm, hardback. 
Price 40 euros. 

Available in bookshops, Museum shops and by subscription. Co-published with éditions d'Art Somogy and sponsored by "Ciments CALCIA"

Geneviève Sarrabezolles-Appert
And Marie-Odile Lefèvre

Preface by Bruno Foucart

Texts by
Antoinette Le Normand-Romain Emmanuel Bréon
Patrick Elliott (in English)
Paul-Louis Rinuy
Philippe Sorel

15 november 2002

Inauguration of Spirit of the Sea in front of the Head Quarters of the CMA and CGM, 4 Quai d'Arenc, Marseille

Since 1972 After the exhibition at the Salon of French Artists at
the Grand Palais in Paris in May 1972:
"Retrospective Exhibition in tribute to Carlo Sarrabezolles, participation in numerous exhibitions. View List

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