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Born in Toulouse 1888 Died in Paris 1971

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Geneviève Sarrabezolles-Appert  
Daughter of the sculptor, President of the Association of the Friends of the Sculptor Carlo Carlo Sarrabezolles. 
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Purchase of the Book
'Carlo Sarrabezolles, sculptor and statue-maker'

"Carlo Sarrabezolles - de l'Esquisse au Colossal"
Gourcuff Gradenigo-Ed 2008
Preface: Bruno Foucart - Texts: Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, Bruno GaudichonDavid Liot, Paul-Louis Rinuy
192 pages, color illustrations, 29 x 25cm, hardcover.
Price: 30 Euros + shipping

To buy a copy of the book and of the catalogue, send an email with your postal address. The invoice will be sent to you.



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