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Born in Toulouse 1888 Died in Paris 1971

Association Carlo Sarrabezolles

The Association (Law 1901) of the Friends of the Sculptor Carlo Sarrabezolles was founded in 1989.
Led by the doughter of the artist, Geneviève Sarrabezolles-Appert, it is composed of art historians, museum curators, art lovers and the descendants of the artist.

Its objectives : to honour the memory of Carlo Sarrabezolles, promulgate his work, assist with the promotion and conservation of his work in France and abroad. Facilitate researches on Sarrabezolles, his life, his work, and his contemporaries, through consultation of the archives.

Its means : publications, exhibitions, conferences…

After 20 years of research, some works still remain to be identified and discovered, while others require restoration.

Help us reconstitute this enormous 'Sarra-puzzle' !

Send us your remarks or suggestions which would help us complete our researches.